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  • Create network components (Gateway, Wds Nodes, CPE) (return to English main page)

Select a network then a stocked device. File:createnode.jpg

There you will have to filled Wlan Mac address used farther for WDS, Geographical coordinates.
Then the system will propose you :

  • the first available ip of the define subnet (you could change it what ever unused)
  • to select a node configuration type (node type)
  • the minus Rx Gain needed in accordance to your network EIRP and max Distance and 2Dbi tx antenna as default then calculate the device Tx power needed in agreement with the EIRP defined for the network(estimated for SNR=30 db). You could change the rx and tx dbi in accordance to your need, just mention the Gain antenna power + line loss in the field

when you will hit the next buton it will be displayed a confirmation screen that you will have to validate in order to finish node creation.

Note: There must be at least one Gateway by network!

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