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QoS will be usefull as soon as you get more than one possible user using your network.
QoS and Wshaper will divide the gateway Bandwidth between all users and guaranty a minus bandwidth to each.

This become an evidence if users are more or less far from the Gateway device. If there is no QoS on your network the user near from the gateway will get all the bandwidth available and the poor user distant from 15 km and 3 hops will not access to internet just because there is no bandwidth available for him anymore. In this case QoS will guaranty that users connected to the gateway did not swallow all bandwidth in order the user at the other end of the line could get his access.

Wshapper Evaluation:

Required Bandwidth (Mbps) 1000 100 54 48 36 27 18 11 9 6,5 5 4 2 1 0,5 0,38
Wshaper (kb/s) 128000 12800 6912 6144 4608 3456 2304 1408 1152 832 640 512 256 128 64 49

Note: this doesn't increase the Internet throughput, this just guaranty that the Internet througput will always be available for every one. There will be a big difference between a WDS Network with Qos and Repeaters networks. On Wds Network Nodes are not considered as a Client on Qos against Repeaters network (ie: 5 WDS nodes network + 10 Clients = 10 QoS Clients // 5 Repeaters network + 10 Clients = 15 QoS Clients)

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