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DD-WRT Wisp edition Firmware

Yzy-oui-fi has built a DD-WRT V24 SP2 mod firmware Dedicated to ISP, CSP and WISP.

Three features have been added to DD-WRT Web UI

- Heartbeat script added to Chillispot section that allow to share more information with the hotspot server side.
This type of script is required with Yzy-oui-fi.com server, Wifigator.com server et Wifi-Billing-System.com server

- Autoap script added to DD-WRT WebUI.(Only for Broadcom chipset Firmwares)
- Auto update script added to DD-WRT Webui.
This feature is usefull if you used external Dashboard to manage your whole busyness(ie:Orange-mesh,Robin-mesh, etc...)

Customized "Chillispot Hotspot" Section (Radius Heartbeat script integration)


Customized "Services" Menu (AutoAP Intégration)


Customized "Keep Alive" menu (Auto update script integration)


How to install the Firmware on your device


The device should have been flased with DD-WRT Firmware

Installing from DD-WRT

Download the firmware that fit your device.
From DD-WRT Administration section, select "Firmware Upgrade", then select the fresh downloaded firmware file, then hit
the "Upgrade" button.

Be patient, do not unplug power unit nor Ethernet wire before the defice fully upgrade!

Recording the router on Factory default server

Once your device have been flashed, you should record your device in the yzy-oui-fi.com "factory default" server.
You could register your device following one of the two available procedure.
- connecting your computer with a wire to the lan side of yrou device through the default Captive portal.
- directly following the url: https://www.yzy-oui-fi.com/addnewdev.php

Customizing the factory default of the device

Once your device registered, you could customized the default parameters you wish for your device following the url:

You will, then, will be ask to filled in the lan mac address of your device with the password you assigned it


Once log in the UI, a short status of your device will be display just under the menu


Selecting "Ui password", you could modify the this UI password and the DD-WRT root password of your device


From the "Emergency Advertising" menu (EAD) you could filed in the e-mail address you wish to use as recipient for device warning

Yzy-oui-fi.com recently get an SMS gateway. It is now possible to receive device warning via SMS directly on your mobile phone.
Just filed in your mobile phone without spaces. If you are out of France please add 00 and your country code as prefix
(ex: for belgium, start your number with 0032...Do not use +32)


From "Management" menu, you could customize your DD-WRT UI, Enable/disable DD-WRT Web UI, Seting the QoS in agreement with your
device capabilities, customize your auto update script procedure.


From "VPN Client" menu, you could filed enable/disable DD-WRT PPTP client in order to bridge Lan network with an external local network.


From "Wireless" menu, you could define the default SSID and Chanel, and set the Wifi Mode.


From "Hotspot" menu, you could enable/disable Chillispot daemon, set the captive poral setings, use or not, the chillispot heartbeat script.


From "DHCP static leases" menu, you could set the local subnet, chillispot subnet, and device local IP.



Yzyspot Firmware is pointing yzy-oui-fi.com "default factory" server. If you wish to have a firmware pointing to your server Contact us
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