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Swallow-Wifi the WDS network Dashboard How to




Available release

Swallow-Wifi free

Swallow-Wifi single Network

Swallow-Wifi_1.0.0 Wisp

Swallow-Wifi_1.0.0 Standalone

Get a free account

You could get a free account from the URL https://www.yzy-oui-fi.com/dashboard/register.php.
When you will send your request, the system will send you a confirmation e-mail coming from yourself(against spamfilters).
Follow the enclosed URL and your account will be granted.

Wireless network basic

There is something you should always keep in mind:

A wirelesss network is made of gateways and nodes. You should always get at least one Gateway to start building your network with Swallow-wifi !

Swallow-Wifi could not create your routers settings scripts if your network is only made of nodes! ;)

Quick Start


Network Management

Nodes Management

WDS Link Management

Client Syslog

AAA Feature

Usefull Informations

Network throughput

3D Map Exportation module

This module is under construction. This will allow you to study and manage your network under 3 dimensions Map system. It will included Fresnel Fields and node monitoring(a very powerfull toy for wireless networking)

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