Exchange embed wireless antennas for external antennas on Linksys E2000

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Exchange embeded wireless antennas for external antennas on Linksys E2000


Linksys e2000 routers take advantage of third part Firmware like DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWrt. Unfortunatly, embeded antennas have very low rendering if you plan to use this devices as Production Devices Like you probably did with old WRT54GL.

Internal Antennas are conected through an U.Fl adapter on the mother board. This adapters are Clips kind, so it is very easy to replace Internal antenna for external one usin U.Fl/RP-SMA pigtails.

This topic goal is to explain how to proceed in order add external Antennas.


- One Linksys e2000 (:D)
- 2 or 3 U.fl /Rp-Sma pigtails (~2,5 € / pigtail). (in this topic we will just replace 2 antennas)

Usefull Tools:

- torx hollow T8 Screw driver
- Flat Screw driver(will be used as a lever)
- Pliers
- Drilling Machine (IE:Dremel) with a 6 mm diameter drill


How To

1 Unscrew the 4 screws on back side


2 Separate the back and top side using the flat screw driver as a lever.

3 Locate the U.fl Adapters and unclipsed it from the Mother board.


4 Remove the main board from the back plastik part in order to not damage it when drilling

Drill two holes on both side of switch hole.
File:e2000_1hole.jpg File:e2000_2hole.jpg

5 Screw the RP-SMA Adapters on back plastik part

File:e2000_rpsma1.jpg File:e2000_rpsma2.jpg

6 Place the Main board back

7 Clips the U.fl adapters


8 Clips the Top and back plastik parts

9 Screw the 4 torx screw.

Here you achived modification.

Usefull Urls
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