Export Rflow Collector logs to a web site

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Export Rflow Collector logs to a web site



DD-WRT Firmware users know that there is several method to retrieve connexion logs from their routers.
This topic is about using Rflow collector Daemon embed in most of DD-WRT firmware
First of all, here is the DD-WRT wiki url descriebing how to use Rflow Collector:

The Rflow Collector Server side, even if providing extend syslog, did not provide web UI but just the availabilty to browse localy log on the Collector Server.
Rflow Collector embed a Mysql exportation module. With this module we are going to filed the databse that will be browse by our web UI.


  1. To have an AMP Server (Apache,Mysql,PHP).
  2. To be able to create and manage mysql users and location
  3. you should download the web site zip file ( Clic Here )


Once you downloaded the zip file deflat it in the web directory. As result you should see a new web directory call "Rflow_Collector_SQL"
contening  all required files fr the web site.
Check out that this directory is write enable, at least for Apache User (www-data).
Your Mysql server should listen for any queries, not onlye local one.
With your Web browser load the web ui. At first time you should be redirected to the installation script.


Filed in the form and follow the procedure. When ended, load Rflow collector, and enable mysql exportation with the same mysql data you just used


If Mod Rewrite is enable on your Apache server, the web UI shoulf be protect and require a Login and password (use the same as Mysql to log in),
If not, main dashboard should be directly displayed.


If you clic on an IP adress, its logs will be displayed


If you click on aMac address, Device name form will be displayed


Usefull Links

Rflow Collector V3 :



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