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Install Yzy-oui-fi Wireless Hotspot


Preconditions :

Yzy-oui-fi Hotspot works with Chillispot Daemon. To start your Hotspot activity, you will need a router that support this system. Chillispot is available on third party firware such as DD-wrt or OpenWRT. Thus is your wireless router support this third party firmware, and that Chillispot is included in the firmware release you selected, you are ready to go with Yzy-oui-fi hotspot.

In order to fast your business, Yzy-oui-fi has rebanded is own firmware to msave your time seting the device parameters. Routers flashed with this firmware could be directly managed from you Captive Portal Account via a web page. Allowing you managed an hotspot farm remotly without modifying locals firewall.

Here is router supporting Yzy-oui-fi firmware:

- Asus WL500, WL500G, WL520GU, RT-N12, RT-N16
- Bufallo WHR-G54S, WHR-HP-54g
- Cisco Valet M10,M20
- Linksys WRT54GL, WRT54GS1, WRT54GS1.1, WRT54GS2, WRT150N, E1000,E2500,E3200,E4200,WRT160N,WRT310N,WRT320N,WRT610N
- Motorola WR850
- Netgear WNR2000,WNR3500L


We highly extend router support. Our Firmware is now supported by up to 150 type of different routers.
In order to check if your router support Yzyspot firmware, you could browse our Firmware database:
Firmware Details(howto) captive portal on Mikrotik routers
Important Note:

Yzyspot Hotspot firmware are special dd-wrt built that include some specific hotspot and Rlan feature. Except X86 release, Yzyspot Firmware could not be flash from 
original out of box Firmware. You should First, flash your router with DD-WRT, then update it with yzyspot build.

If your router is not include in our database, You still could use DD-WRT release that include Chillispot to run a Hotspot based on captive portal


- To own a WiFi router that support supportant Chillispot (~50€ minus)
- To sign-up an yzy-oui-fi Captive Portal (Mini 25€/an)

Hotspot Management Web UI

- Open your captiv portal management console ( then type in your personal login and password.
File:yzyadminlogtoui_en.png Once loged, you will be redirected to your hotspot management (Video Preview)
File:genadmhotspotui_en.png From this page, you could acces to 2 or 3 menu blocks, you could also enable, disable the login form of you splash page
(Usefull if you want to use your hotspot as warning without connexion and to provide restricted web access) and a splash page preview.

Display Chillispot data

From the management menu block, hit the "Account Detail" button...
File:hotspotboutondetail_en.png ...then you will get a short review of your Chillispot dates...

Create an Hotspot Super User Account

Hotspot super-user, have no restriction such as bandwidth limitation or expiration. thes are profile usefull for administrator if they need to log for maintenance on their hotspot (Video preview)

From the managment block, hit the "Super-user Management" button...
File:menusadm_en.png ...then hit "Create a new super-user" ...
File:sadmmanagement_en.png ... to record the new login and password.

Create an hotspot User account

...Hit the "Create user" button...
File:usermanagement_en.png ...then record the login and password.
File:usercreation_en.png Note: from this section you could also manage bandwidth regulation and expiration,tec

Install an hotspot router loaded with yzy-oui-fi firmware

Your device should be listed in the download list, and have been initialy flash with DD-WRT firmware.
Yzy-oui-fi firmware shouldn't be use has initial flashing for out of box devices. From management menu box, hit the "Yzy-oui-fi rebrand firmware devices" button
File:loadyzymenu_en.png ...then hit "Download yzy-oui-fi firmware" button...
File:dlyzyfirm_en.png Select the firmware that fit your device and download it.
...then hit the "Personal settings" button in order to record your device
File:customyzyfirm_en.png In order to check that your device have been record has new hotspot, hit the "Mes routeurs enregistrés" button...
File:listyzyfirm_en.png Now you have to flash your device. Before starting the flashing, check that there is no wire to connect your device to Internet on wan side
but just a wire between lan port of the device and your computer. Restore the factory default (IP Go to the Administration->Firmware upgrade File:dd-wrt2yzyfirm.png Be patient, firmware loading could take a while. Once the firmware loaded, your device should look bricked, and you could not acces it. Unplug the device,
remove ethernet wire, plug an ethernet wire between wan side and your broadband modem, plug AC, and Wait ~ 15 minutes. After ~15 minutes, the device should have received its hotspot default settings....There you are, your hotspot is available as production.

Customizing the hotspot splash page

The second menu box allow you to customize your hotspot landing page (splash). Thus you can:

- Add a google map
- Add announcement block
- Modify text and picture of the body of your landing page
- Modify the header picture
- upload picture that will be used in the body
- modify disclaimer agreement section

(Video preview)



Manage Paypal online subscription

Paypal owner Account

To register the paypal account you will use to receive payment, from the "Paypal" menu box, hit the "Paypal Account settings" button...
File:setppaccount_en.png Then record your paypal information...

Seting access Class

To create payapl access class, from the "Paypal" menu box, hit the "Plan tickets access class" button...
File:selclassPP_en.png then record the class you want...

Paypal report

To check your paypal incomes, from the "Paypal" menu box, hit the "Paypal report" button...
File:selPPreport_en.png then select the date aveirage to download the report as Ms Excel file format...

Annexe1 - Hotspot splash Page (What will be displayed to hotspot users)

When someone connect to wireless hotspot, as default all his Network access protocoles are blocked.
When he load his web browser, and as soon he try to browse a website that is not in the hotspot white list, the hotspot system redirect his query to the hotspot landing page until the user is fully granted. Linux Vidéo preview Windows Vidéo preview Here is a landing page sample (online subscription kind) File:splashPP_en.png In this sample the menu included 4 buttons: - Terms and Agreement File:splashagreement.png - Recording user personal informations File:splashuserwhois_en.png - Access plan (only for online subscription kind) File:splashpaypal_en.png - Login form File:plashlogin_en.png Once the user is fully grented he recover full network access for the duration of his profile

Annexe2 - Secure your network about illegal content browsing

Yzy-oui-fi Hotspots are pre-set to use  Opendns.

If you sign-up a Opendns free account, You will be abble to prevent from illegal contents browsing on your hotspot network






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