Yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal on Mikrotik routers

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Yzy-oui-fi captive portal on Mikrotik routers

Mikrotik Routers now support yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal!

To install yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal on your Mikrotik device, run Winbox.

Go to System->Script. then clic on the +

In "Source" area, field in the following command replacing "SomeNas" with your own yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal name :

/tool fetch keep-result=yes dst-path=hotspotconf.rsc mode=http url=("http://yzy-oui-fi.com/download/mikrotik-autoloadscript.php?nasid=SomeNas") ;
import file=hotspotconf.rsc ;

Click on "Apply" then "Run Script" in order your device load the requiered setting to run your hotspot !

Install an Yzy-oui-fi Wireless Hotspot

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