Yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal on OpenWRT Coova-Chilli routers

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Yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal on OpenWRT Coova-Chilli routers

If you own a router running OpenWRT Backfire firmware, you could use it to host yzy-oui-fi.com hotspot

log to your router through a Telnet or SSH console and type the following command line. Be sure to replace "MyNas" with your yzy-oui-fi.com captive portal name(chars sensitive)

Device with only one ethernet port (ie: Ubnt Nanostation,Picostation, bullet, etc)

wget http://yzy-oui-fi.com/download/coova-autoloadscript-1eth.php?nasid=MyNas -O /tmp/install-hotspot.sh ;  sh /tmp/install-hotspot.sh ;

Device with several ethernet ports (ie: 1 Wan + 4 Lan)

wget http://yzy-oui-fi.com/download/coova-autoloadscript-x86.php?nasid=MyNas -O /tmp/install-hotspot.sh ;  sh /tmp/install-hotspot.sh ;

This script will install Coova-Chilli service and its dependencies, set it to your captive portal parameters, then restart the device to turn it as production hotspot

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